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The opposite of Urban

Apparently, Pope Urban V, one of the French Popes, from the period when the Papacy resided in Avignon (in the 1300’s), was born in a little village in the Cevennes mountains called Grizac. (Gree-zak) However, this ‘village’ is the very opposite of anything urban.  Today it is a community of about 20 homes, a little chateau, and a farm… Continue reading The opposite of Urban

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Always winter, never Christmas, except not really

I think because it’s January, and there are these movie-set mountains visible from every window and door of our house, which contains these two giant armoires, that this line keeps popping into my head. It’s January, so Christmas is about as far away as it can get, and right this moment, it’s been snowing for… Continue reading Always winter, never Christmas, except not really