New Year

It might seem obvious that my new year’s resolution should probably be to keep up with this blog a little better, but I’ve never been very good at making or keeping ‘resolutions.’ The truth is, that with the take off of our little church plant, the departure and arrival of our teammates to the field, and life in general, we were a little underwater the last two quarters of 2017.

But in that rush of 2017, we saw some wonderful things happen. A short month after our teammates left for the states and our other teammates arrived, we hosted a ‘Portes Ouvertes’, or open house, in September, to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood. We had children’s activities and large outpouring of support from our sister church downtown.

In November, our teammates hosted a Thanksgiving meal and we were able to celebrate one of our favorite American holidays by gorging ourselves on Turkey and sides.

In December, we had a spectacle with the downtown church, a Christmas party with our church plant, and our teammates flew in from Albertville to spend time with us, and with servant’s hearts they helped with our Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve services (since New Year’s was on a Sunday), as our other teammates had an unexpected death in the family and had to make a whirlwind trip to America.

Along with the big events, there’s been bible study, english classes, prayer meetings and team meetings, and preparations for worship each week. Needless to say, they fly by rather quickly.

More importantly, peppered throughout all of this, we’ve seen the Lord answer prayers, see hearts change and grow, and have been in awe of His constant faithfulness to His promises.

It seems a little crazy to have just crammed the last six months into just a few paragraphs, but the days keep trucking along, January is here, and we are [getting] ready for 2018…

So, Happy New Year to all of You from the Brock Family, may it be full of the Lord’s grace and love, and maybe I’ll write again before we are on a mid-year transatlantic flight.




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