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Always winter, never Christmas, except not really

I think because it’s January, and there are these movie-set mountains visible from every window and door of our house, which contains these two giant armoires, that this line keeps popping into my head. It’s January, so Christmas is about as far away as it can get, and right this moment, it’s been snowing for almost 24 hours, with no sign of stopping in the next 24. This Florida girl doesn’t know what to do with herself. In South Carolina, we would have stocked up on bread and milk yesterday, and hunkered down for three or more days of watching this from our windows, while drinking hot chocolate, until it melted and school was back in session. In Florida, well, we would have said our prayers and waited for the end, even as Presbyterians, because even Jacksonville has never seen snow like this. It’s wet, and cold, and we walk to school in it, layered like mille-feuille to keep warm, from extra socks, shirts and hats to an umbrella to help keep us dry. Avonlea wore snow pants and boots to school, because even this isn’t enough to stop the Savoie children from playing outside.

As for me, I’m tolerant and feel somewhat misplaced. I see the beauty, but I want to see it from a window, and then soak in a hot tub at the end of the day, even when I haven’t gone outstide. We have no tub. Only a shower, which is plenty fine. We have been abundantly blessed and even the snow is a joy. It’s just foreign to me. More foreign, I think, than the language or the people, is this weather. My culture shock comes in the form of wanting to stay in bed until it’s sunny and 72 degrees. Silly me. I’d have bed sores, and miss looking up as quarter size snowflakes fall around my head like I’m in my own personal snow globe. They are beautiful, and God made them. Each of them. And me. And he is surrounding our family and yours as we partake in our next adventure.

This weekend Chris is going to get a car. Language School has been intense, and is requiring a good bit of study from both of us. A car will make grocery shopping and other chores more efficient, gaining us valuable study time. Getting groceries in the snow via feet or bus will go from taking hours to minutes. That, and thinking long term, it will be a benefit to us and our ministry. So, after a good bit of discussion and research from some veteran french missionaries, we think we have found a car and have gotten everything in line to buy it this weekend. So, please pray for Chris, as he goes this weekend. His french is still ‘trés debutant’ and he is taking the train to Lyon, and with the help of a French pastor there, will purchase this car, and drive it the two hours home. Please pray that all will go well, that the snow will have stopped, and that he will make it safely back.

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