Support status

With Brussels and Emily’s wedding now behind us, we are back on the support-raising-trail full time. I’ve sent something in the neighborhood of 20 emails today already, and that’s with Oliver busting his head open. (He’s fine, it’s just blood…) If you haven’t gotten an email from me recently it either means that A. I’m getting to you, just wait or B. you already support us. *1*

If you were wondering, and I know you were, we’re just shy of 70%, meaning that we need to bring in about $3,000 per month in order to be able to make it to France. I don’t quite know how to feel about that number, excited that we’ve raised what we’ve raised already, nervous that we’re on the last leg of support raising before we move to France, or intimidated that we still have to raise the equivalent of a fully loaded Ford Fusion before we can go to France.

But, we’re getting closer, and we’re going to be contacting everyone we know in the meantime in order to reach our goal. If you’re interested in supporting us, you can do this in one of three ways. 1. Go to mtw.org and use our number, 10860 to set up an online donation 2. Email me your pledge amount and I will make sure it is recorded with MTW – with this method you won’t start supporting us until we reach the field 3. Contact me and I will send you an EBT form to do an account draft. Regardless of the method, please email me so that I can be sure your pledge is recorded properly.

Finally, if you know of anyone, or are a part of a church that you think would be interested in supporting us, please let me know that as well. We’re making our travel plans for the rest of the fall, and would love to include as many people and churches as possible on our trips. Thank you for your support, and your prayers, which are of far more value than we could ever measure.

*1* I should probably email group B a thank you at some point =)

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