So, we just spent 31 days in what used to be an old paper factory, with 8 other missionary couples and their children, along with a few interns and instructors, all living on top of one another. It was one of the most wonderful experiences of our lives.

MTW spent as much of this time as possibly trying to prepare us for the world of missions, and they did a wonderful job. Culture Shock, Emotional Awareness, Team Building, Language Learning, were some of the few things that they taught us. They taught us how to observe cultural differences, and to be prepared for how our children would adjust and react.

Over the days and weeks we developed this great community in the OM Center. As our goodbyes were nearing, one of the speakers talked about the suffering and persecution of Christians and Christian missionaries. One of the things that struck me was the absence of community that often exists in the fields we are about to be going to. The isolation and loneliness that missionaries experience, even in a team setting. The skeleton churches that are trying so hard to function in spiritually dry regions. The team members on the fields that are fervently praying for these families to come, so they have more brothers and sisters in Christ to pray with, and sing with, and love with.

It would be a lie to say that the community living wasn’t a little hard at times, but it was so very precious!

And when we got back to Charlotte and went to Sunday morning service with our church family, there was a different community waiting for us. People loving on us, praying for us, and supporting us. I felt so blessed and so saddened at the same time. My hope and prayer for whoever is reading this is that they get to experience that little bit of heaven that happens when we come together to worship Christ and to love one another in this earthly world. We still need a good bit of support to come in, so we can begin our journey to the field, to leave one community in Christ, and start to build another. Please pray for Pete and Ruth, our teammates, who just moved from Marseille to Toulouse to start another church plant. That the transition will go smoothly, and they will start to see that community grow, and transform, and that we will swiftly join them. Thank you for your prayers while we were in Brussels.


Our CCMI Team



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