We’re a few days away from a month long trip to Brussels. I won’t let Donnette get the suitcases out yet, but I’ll probably lose that battle sometime tomorrow morning. What to take? How much room to leave for bringing stuff back? *1* Can I get a small keg of Trumer Pilsner in a carry-on for the way back? 

Complicating matters is the temperature difference in Belgium than the Carolina’s. I don’t know how many of you are aware of this, but Europe, and northern Europe in particular, is practically in the North Pole. In all seriousness, it’s at the top of the globe. If you’re used to looking at standard maps, you miss two important facts. 1. Africa is huge. Most flat maps have it being only slightly larger than America. This is wrong. 2. Europe is north. Think about this, Madrid and New York City sit on the same parallel. Madrid is southern Europe. Belgium is Canada. 

It’ll be cool there, which is making Donnette’s head spin for a number of reasons. *2* 1. Packing for children is tough, packing for children when it’s cold outside is even tougher. And our kids are skinny, which means they’re usually cold anyways *3*. 2. You can’t count on things like air-conditioning and heating to be as reliable in Europe as they are here. You want to stay warm, wear socks. 3. Donnette is one of the eight American’s for whom summer cannot be hot enough. Lots of us complain about the cold only to turn around and immediately complain about the heat. You will never hear such complaints from Donnette. *4* I’m pretty sure she feels like she’s getting robbed of one of her favorite months. As for me, there’s no love lost about missing out on July. 

We are excited though. We have to attend this training at some point, and we worked pretty hard to be able to go, and it is a trip to Europe, so why not be excited. I have no idea what this next month will hold, but it should make for a few good stories, and that alone is worth the cost of airfare. A special thanks to everyone who is looking after our house and praying for us while we’re gone. Thank you all!


*1* Who wants chocolate???

*2* Two numbered lists in a relatively short post. I do love lists. 

*3* Avonlea wore a sweater to school this morning. 

*4* We went through a pretty nasty drought in 2007, when we didn’t even see a cloud in the sky for over 90 straight days. She might of complained then, but if it takes Revelation-esque heat to make you complain, you get a pass. 

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