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A Neighborhood Meal

We are a little behind on blogs at the moment, so this update is a few weeks overdue. Also, this is Donnette hijacking the blog again, for a shorter and less witty update.

We are currently living about five blocks from Downtown Rock Hill, and have occasionally had the privilege to worship and fellowship with the good folks at Hill City ARP Church in Downtown Rock Hill. They’ve even let us crash a party or two. If you live in the area and have the chance to visit this sweet community church, I would highly recommend it. They meet in the old courthouse in Downtown Rock Hill, complete with childcare in the old jury deliberation room, which just seems appropriate to me.

A few weeks ago, this group was kind enough to let us speak, and even more gracious to let us cook a meal for all of them. They went all out, with decorations, tables, and even wearing scarves to celebrate the dinner. Chris has fed a crowd more than a couple of times at our church on Wednesday nights, so we thought we could execute it, and with a lot of grace and sweat, the food went out, although I think we were both a little out of breath when it came time for the presentation part.

Here was the menu:

  • Panzanella (Bread Salad) with Pork Belly
  • Veal Bourguignon
  • Brie and Baguettes
  • Chocolate Torte

Unfortunately, for me, I tend to judge all events by the photos, and there were none to document the beautiful decorations, nor the food. However, I did get one, at the end of the night, of some of the amazing ladies at Hill City, showing their support in striped Breton shirts and French Scarves.

At the end of the service, I was lamenting the fact we only got one photo, but as I went to write this blog, I realized that photo was the most important photo. It was the one with the people. At the end of the day, we are going to serve the people of France, with the amazing support of the people back here, and that is what matters. The food, the cooking, the country, or our own human tainted presentations of our work or even of the gospel, are just tools in the Lord’s hands, in order that He can bring home the people He calls his own.

We are thankful he allows us to participate at all and hope we can continue to serve locally where we can until we get to the field. Please pray that our support comes in, even during these busy few months of travel, so that we can join the team and start to build a community church as sweet and as welcoming as Hill City in Toulouse, France.





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