We spent this past weekend with my family at the beach. It was a great time, but one that involved lots of sun and running around and very little napping. Because of this, I decided to have a house movie day yesterday, in which I unpacked our stuff and basically made no demands of the kids whatsoever, just letting them watch movie after movie after movie. They also napped, for about three hours. Each. 

The sun will do that to you. 

In watching Disney movie after Disney movie, I have some advice, should your life goals include aspiring Disney villain. Stay away from high places. Roof tops, cliffs, ledges of any kind, if you’re a Disney villain, or even if you’re unsure, you should avoid these places. 

Disney loves to off villains with a nice fall. 

It’s true that there are other ways to go, be it a sword through the heart or supper at the hands of disgruntled hyenas *1*, but more often than not, gravity will be your undoing. This actually makes me wonder if Avonlea is going to become a Disney villain, as she fell out of bed sometime in the night Sunday night/ Monday morning hard enough to split her cheek open. Determined to prove this wasn’t a one time occurrence, she also fell over yesterday, standing still. *2* I’m going to try hard to discourage her from this, but I may change my tune if the price of college tuition keeps rising. 

As for the rest of us, we’re going to be traveling quite a bit these next few weeks, and then of course we’re headed to Brussels for a month. I don’t like to post when we’ll be gone, so know that if you see us in town, we’re in town, and if you don’t, we probably aren’t. Either way, we appreciate your prayers. 


*1* And even in the case of the latter, Scar was only attacked after he’d taken a nasty fall. Seriously, villains everywhere, flat ground is your friend. 

*2* Though in this case, dignity was the only injury. 

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