Grace in small things

Our check engine light had been on in the van for almost a week. *1* This morning I finally had time to take it in, fully expecting to fork over several hundred dollars to get our van back in working shape. 

I don’t know why I worry so much about that sort of thing. The last time the van needed work, literally, as I was sitting in the repair shop, our church secretary emailed me to say that someone had given an anonymous donation to us, giving us enough to repair the car with a cool $20 left over. I hadn’t told anyone we needed that money, yet there is was. So why worry?

We are planning to leave at the end of this year, right after Christmas if everything goes according to plan, and so, at this point, we need our stuff to hold up another six months or so. I posted awhile back about our stove, and it has made it thus far, but I’m to the point of talking to our other appliances, encouraging and even rebuking them as necessary to make sure they don’t up and die on us before we leave. I don’t want to buy a new toaster two months before we go. No one moves a toaster to Europe.  

So I sat in the Kia dealership this morning, ready to write a moderate check, praying it wouldn’t be a large check, to solve whatever was vexing the Sedona. It turns out, it was the gas cap. 

More specifically, the after-market gas cap, *2* which was no longer making a complete seal and was setting off the check engine light. Also, as it took them over two hours to figure this out, they didn’t charge me for the diagnostic, and they went ahead and changed the oil for free too. 

To recap, my van repair cost me zero dollars this morning. 

It’s a small grace. But I’m thankful for it nonetheless. Thank you to you all for your faithfulness in praying for us. We really do feel it. 


*1* Fluids were immediately checked for shortages, no running out of oil or wiper fluid on our watch!

*2* I told Donnette chrome spinners weren’t necessary, but she insisted. I should’ve stuck to my guns. 

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