So far this year, our weather has been as fickle as a teenage girl’s affections. 

Warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, snowing!!! and back to warm again. Just when you’ve been ready to put away the jackets, it’s suddenly below 50 again, and the kids are shivering on their way to school. I used to love the cold weather, but it’s a lot more work to get multiple layers over multiple small bodies. I don’t know how people who live farther north do it. 

It’s finally warm outside though, sunny too. Birds are singing, flowers are blooming. I’m pretty sure I hear squirrel babies rummaging through the walls of our house. At least I hope they’re squirrels. Our trees are blooming too, which would be awesome if I weren’t crazy allergic to oak pollen (the tree in our front yard) and pecan pollen (the tree over our back door.) A week or two ago, Donnette opened all the windows in the house, just long enough to coat everything with a fine yellow layer of sneeze inducing pollen. She, not suffering from allergies, doesn’t worry about such things. I wonder what would happen if I took a cocktail of six different allergy medicines. 

I’ve heard it can take awhile for allergies to adjust to a new location, that when you move to a new place it takes a few years to become allergic to the local flora. It’s a nice thought, though I suspect if there’s something to be allergic to in France, it won’t take years to find it. My hope is that it doesn’t take minutes. 


From the looks of things, as long as I’m not allergic to sunflowers, I should be fine. 

Toulouse is not, from what I’ve been told, the most beautiful place in France. Maybe that’s true, but doing a quick Google search, it doesn’t look like it’s rough living. Also, it’s where most of the truffles and foie gras in France come from. I’ll have to get a pig. *1* 

Whatever the weather’s like, I’m looking forward to being there. Sunflowers are pretty, and truffles are delicious, but there’s work to be done, good work, and I’m feeling ready to get to it. Not discontent, just…ready. Today though I’m just enjoying the beautiful Carolina day. With the windows up. 

We’ve got one more week at home, then we’ll be doing some more traveling. Thank you all for your prayers. 


*1* Pigs are used to find truffles. Also, you know, tasty. 

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