Getting closer

We’re nearing the home stretch of what we need to make it to Belgium this summer. $500 per month and we’re on our way! Of course, that’s still a pretty decent about of money, but still. 10 more people at $50 per month and we spend July in Brussels. 

Of course, that lends a certain amount of panic too. Brussels isn’t the South Pacific, but it still poses a certain number of logistical challenges. Packing for children, traveling with children, feeding children, most of our *1* concerns are child related. It is a month in a foreign country, and even if that country were Canada, it still presents some challenges. 

But for now, we’re focused on the task at hand. $500 per month, and then we’ll worry about taking two kids on an eight hour plane ride. This is going to have us in and out quite a bit over the next couple of weeks. 

You’re prayers are appreciated. 


*1* When I say our, I really mean Donnette. I’ll probably worry about this too, just not until the night before we leave. That’s when panic seems more appropriate. 

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