Earlier in the week, Oliver was sick with a stomach bug. It shouldn’t have been a surprise then, when Avonlea came into our room last night to tell us she’d gotten sick in her bed. 

Of course, almost anything will surprise you when it comes at 1am. I’d heard that doubling the number of kids would square the number of illnesses, but I don’t think I believed it until it now. I don’t particularly want to dig back through all my old posts from the last 15 months, but I feel like we have seen much more of our pediatrician since Oliver was born. 

Fortunately, we like our pediatrician. 

We haven’t had to reschedule any of our appointments yet, but we have had to miss more church than we’d like to stay with the kids. Specifically, Donnette’s missed church, because she keeps losing the coin flip. A few months ago, we decided to move Avonlea into the service with us, and Donnette’s taken the primary responsibility for teaching her to sit still through the sermon. Combine all of this with the weekends we’ll be out of town over the next couple of months, and it may be 2015 before Donnette hears another sermon. 

Speaking of which, we’re going to be on the road a good bit this next month. Visiting churches, visiting friends, visiting  friends in churches, etc. If you notice that we aren’t around as much, know we’re probably on the road somewhere. 

Or cleaning up vomit. Either way, please keep us in your prayers. 

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