Two steps forward, a half step back

We’ve been moving forward, and things are going well. Busy, life has been very busy. 

Except for last week, when everything was covered in snow, and we couldn’t go anywhere. That was actually a joy, as we didn’t have to reschedule any appointments, and we were able to spend two days all together, just the four of us, and none of us had the flu. Which was a first. 

Our goal was to be at 65% by the end of the month, and truthfully, I think we might have made it, had we not gotten the news last Friday that our insurance has gone up significantly, and moved us back a bit. That was not great news. 

But, not surprising, on the whole, and while we have petitioned to forgo insurance *1*, we took the news in stride. The additional need dropped us back below 50%, but thanks to new supporters, we were back above that number by the end of the weekend. It’s a lesson in  faith and trust, and also about worrying about those things we can control, and not worrying about the rest. *2* 

Thank you all for your prayers, and your support, and smiles, and company, and everything else. 


*1* Not a good idea

*2* That sounds like an AA mantra, or something like that, and when it boils down to it, we are in control of little to nothing at all. 

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