Patience and Providence

My baby sister is getting married. 

Emily, of course, isn’t a baby anymore *1*, she’s and adult, by a couple of years now, and this last weekend she said yes to a wonderful young man who will soon be Avonlea’s newest uncle. 

We’ve already authorized the use of that moniker. Saves on later confusion. 

We’re still raising support to go to France, which you probably already know if you read this blog, but sometimes even the obvious needs to be stated. Thankfully, we have finally made it over the 50% mark, and are working hard to be at 80% by April so that we can go to Brooklyn this summer and France later on in 2014. As of this moment, we need 45 more people to agree to support us as 50/ per month *2* in order to get to 80%. We’ve been busy, we’ve been talking to people, but it’s at least nice to know we’re more than half the way there, and seem to be moving more quickly towards our goal. 

We originally thought we’d be a lot further along than this. If our original plans had succeeded, we’d be in France right now, smack in the middle of our second semester of language school. This isn’t even our back up plan, or our back up back up plan. If you’d have told me initially that it was going to take us two plus years to raise the support we’d need to get to France, *3* I’m not sure I’d have signed up. There are guys who were just starting seminary when I graduated who are now set to graduate, and will take jobs, and will in all likelihood be working before we get to France. 

That sounds whiney. I don’t mean to whine. It’s just something I can’t help but think about as we move slowly forward. 

Still, I can’t shake this fact. It’s taken us longer to get to France than we’d hoped, and it may still take longer than we’d like. But, my sister is getting married, my little sister, and not only to I get to be there for it, (because of course I’d be there for it), but I’ve gotten to get to know her fiancee, her future husband, in a way I wouldn’t have had things gone according to our original schedule. I feel good about her wedding, I’m excited she’s marrying this man, and I can’t say for sure I’d have felt this way had we been 3,000 miles away when the proposal went down. *4* 

And there are 100 other relationships I could point to and say, okay, that’s why we’ve taken so long, or okay, now I see why this needed to happen first, but I think, even more than all of that, it’s a matter of faith, and of trust, and of reminding us how little we have and how much we need to rely on things outside of ourselves. On grace, on hope. Building patience. All of these things. 

So we’re getting there, slowly and steadily. Keep asking us how it’s going, keep praying for us, we need it. We need it. As always, thank you. 


*1* Even in the deep south, that sort of thing is frowned upon. 

*2* If you get our newsletter too, all this talk of numbers is probably a little repetitive. I apologize, it’s just the world I’ve been living in lately. 

*3* Truthfully, someone probably did tell me this, and I just didn’t believe them. That’s on me. 

*4* Two things for this footnote, 1. It wouldn’t really matter how I felt, she’d probably get married one way or the other, but I’m glad I can feel good about it and 2. I have no idea how far away France and America are apart. I could Google it, but Oliver is crying and I need to wrap this up. 

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