I’ve been blogging less lately. 


This is a good thing. We’ve been busy, raising support, traveling around, enjoying the holidays, all sorts of activities that prevent sitting down at the computer to knock out a few thousand words. And then there’s the kids, they seem to want our attention too. Nearly constantly. 


Support raising has been coming along. Our biggest goal right now is to be at 80% of our total monthly support by April. We need to add 44 people at $50 a month to make this happen. This is a doable goal, though it’s going to mean more traveling and (probably) less blogging. 

Try to hide your disappointment. 

We did have a wonderful time in Florida, even though we all got sick at one point or another on our trip. It’s to be expected really, it doesn’t ever get cold enough for anything to die down there, and we went entirely too healthy for our own good. It’s been cold back here in the Carolina’s, record lows, but at least when the temperature dips this low I can look outside and know that bacteria everywhere are dying en masse.  

Die bugs die. 

Thank you for your prayers. 


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