Every week for the last few weeks, I’ve said to myself, “I’m going to write a long blog post this week. It’s going to happen.” And then every week, that doesn’t happen. Last week, I didn’t even sit down in front of my computer at all. This week was going to be different, except that it wasn’t. None the less, I wanted to blog something, so I thought I’d go for another compilation of events from the Brock’s life. 

1. Oliver is not a sleeper. At least, not in the same way his sister was (and still is.) We can’t really complain, he slept more than six straight hours before he was a month old, and still sleeps mostly through the night. What he does not do is nap, at all, for more than 45 minutes a day. Unless he’s sleeping on you; he will take a nap on your chest all afternoon. Either way, no work’s getting done. 

2. Avonlea is a daily contrast of heart-melting sweetness, and mind-numbing aggravation. I suspect this makes her a normal 3 year old. The goal is to figure out how to increase the former, without killing her during the other. 

3. We used to go home every year for Christmas. That involved two extra people staying with two other people, in a house that could comfortably accommodate four. Now we’re a part of four on our own, and, with my sister-in-law’s kids, the total occupancy of her three bedroom house would be up to eight. For those of you playing at home, that’s too many persons in a three bedroom house. If you have an extra house in the greater west coast area, please let us know. 

4. Everything good in life is a carbohydrate. Even the few good things that aren’t carb based *1* are much, much better with bread. I gave up carbs last year to lose weight, and I’m giving them up again for the next couple of weeks, just because. Yesterday, only 1.5 days into giving up bread, I nearly licked my daughter’s grilled cheese sandwich. That happened. 

5. I feel like I’ve complained about this before, but I feel like my stories are getting far less interesting. This wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t feel so busy and tired all the time. It seems like, if you’re going to constantly be busy and tired, you should at least get a good story out of it. I’m just saying. 

6. Of all the flora in the world, the thing I’m most allergic to is pecan trees. Which is awesome, since there’s a giant pecan tree right outside my back door. Today, in talking to my landlord, he said that pecans were a favorite food of mice and rats, which is likely why we’ve been having some trouble with them lately. Add this to the fact that pecans are a favorite of mice, and mice are a favorite food of snakes, and we may have some pecan based firewood available in the near future. 

That’s all I’ve got for the moment. Thank you all for praying for us. 


*1* Bacon

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