School’s in

Avonlea and Oliver started school this morning. For a few brief moments, I got to remember how easy it is to move around and get things done without a child right at hand. *1* Avonlea will be going three days a week, while Oliver will only be going for two, but that should allow me some time to work on getting us to France. 

Which is the goal. 

I’m preaching this Sunday, then speaking to a church Monday night, and we’ve got a few other things going on in the near future as well. I love preaching, particularly at the church I’ll be at this Sunday, but it means that I need to write a new sermon. 

Which is why this is a short post. Thank you all for your prayers. 


*1* As I started to write this, Oliver literally came over and started trying to pull my computer out of my lap. He showed no interest in what I was doing at all, until I started typing. I don’t know how he knows…

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