Busy doing nothing

It’s an interesting stage of life we’re in right now. Our days usually start before 7, and don’t end until we put the kids down, usually around 8:30. It’s nearly 14 hours of go-go-go, and yet, when my visiting sister asked what I’ve been up to, all I could say was, “well, you know, nothing much.” 

I mean, I find my kids fascinating, but I have’t yet fooled myself into thinking anyone else does. Not that this is a bad thing, I’m happy my kids are healthy and normal. The only interesting conversations surrounding children under 5 usually involve some sort of injury. 

Like my nephew, Christian, who recently decided to demonstrate to his parents that he really could fly. 

He could not. 

Christian is a gifted child and will likely go on to do many impressive and wonderful things, but he is as beholden to gravity as the rest of us, and when he leapt of the couch, he came down with a thud, landing himself in the emergency room late last Saturday night. He was concussed, but otherwise fine, and has spent the last few days doing something completely new to him. 

Sitting still. 

Avonlea learned a similar lesson on human limitations when she decided to see if she could breath under water while bathing the other night. It’s a disappointing time to learn of what we can and can’t do as humans. I’ve tried explaining the advantages of opposable thumbs to her, but to a three year old they seem pretty meager compared to wings or gills. 

I’m sure Oliver will try to test his limitations in unique and painful ways as well. Right now, the animal he most wants to be like is a goat, as its capacity to eat whatever it puts in its mouth would serve him well. 

We’ll be in and out of town over the next couple of weeks, a little for support raising and then, thankfully, for a long overdue vacation. 

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. 

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