Where we’re at

I get asked, pretty much every time I talk to someone, “how’s support raising going?” Which is a fair question, as it is a main focus of our lives, and is what stands between us and France. 

Even still, I feel sometimes that this is like asking me, “How tall is Oliver today?” 

“Taller than he was last week, but not in a significant measurable way.” *1* 

It’s slow going. We meet with people pretty regularly, I try to do support-raising activities as often as I can, but it’s slow, and that’s fine, but it makes it tough to give a new answer to that question. *2* 

So, I sat down and did the math today, to see what we need to be at 100% by next April. We’re just a touch under 40% of our monthly/ annual goal, meaning we need to raise a little less than $4300 per month so that we can leave. That seems like a ton of money, and when I think about it too long it gives me cold sweats. But, broken down, it really isn’t quite as daunting. Basically, we need 86 people/ family groups to support us at $50 per month before we can leave. Which is a lot. But not undoable. And, it’s far less than we needed when we started this venture, and that’s encouraging. *3*

So, that’s where we’re at. Please keep asking, I appreciate that you all care. Thank you for your prayers. 


*1* A couple of things here. First, I don’t want to complain about being asked this question, most people ask because they care about us and know it’s important to us, and I appreciate that immensely. Second, comparing support raising to Oliver’s growth actually makes a lot of sense, because they both tend to go in spurts. Nothing happens, nothing happens, and then all of the sudden his pants don’t fit. At this point, the metaphor breaks down, but you get my drift. 

*2* Again, really not trying to complain here, I just feel like I’m letting people down when I don’t have any new news for them. 

*3* Also encouraging is that we’re well over 50% of what we need for our one time goal. We’d actually be on the home stretch of that if we didn’t need to do language school, and so at least that’s something. 

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