3 Sleeping Babies

I’m watching a little boy for some friends today, while their normal babysitter is out of town. He’s exactly one week younger than Oliver, though he’s had teeth and could crawl for months now. 

Not too long ago, Donnette ran into a woman at the store who’s daughter had a 1 year old, and then new born twins. Another hair turned grey just thinking about that scenario. 

I’m actually really happy to get to do this for our friends; while I was in seminary, our pastor’s wife watched Avonlea for us while I was in school, and that will probably go down as one of the greatest graces someone has ever done for us. It’s a privilege to pay it forward, if only for a day. 

I am surprised that I’ve managed to get them all to sleep though. I figured the sounds of my fingers hitting the keyboard would be enough to spring one of them into action. I don’t know how people do this every day, but I guess God gives to each the grace they need to get through each day. *1*

As always, thanks for your prayers and support. 


*1* A note to Kati and Josh, other than skipping Henry’s breakfast, which threw him off for the day, he’s been a joy. It’s Oliver, and the four teeth that are breaking through his gums that has made the day hectic, so please feel free to ask again should you need me. I’m here, happy to help. *2*

*2* Really, I am. Anytime. 

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