Generally Assembled

Next week is the PCA’s General Assembly. It’s a week when the elders throughout our denomination get together to discuss and vote upon the pressing matters facing our church, as well as a chance for all of us to gather together for worship and fellowship as brothers in the Lord. 

I’ve never been before, and I have to say, I’m pretty excited. 

I know there are guys who’ll think I’m crazy, but I love church polity-type things. I really enjoy going to Presbytery meetings, even when they run long and the discussion gets a little out of hand. *1* I liked staff meetings when I worked for Sovereign Grace. Donnette and I got to participate in a team meeting while we were in France, and even that was fun. 

There are some important issues on the docket this year at GA, many of which will go a long way to determining just what sort of denomination we will be moving forward. There is a long held tension in the PCA between maintaining strict biblical standards for theology and worship while allowing individual churches (and even presbyteries) the freedom to operate how they best see fit. It’s not my place (at least in this forum) to state where I come down on these sorts of things, except to say that both of these issues are important, and both must be maintained if the PCA is going to experience the same sort of success in the future it has experienced in the past. Ultimately, it’s going to patience and love and charity on everyone’s part, and that’s possible, but only through prayer and reliance on the Spirit of God. 

I’m also looking forward to this week because I’m hoping it will be a good week for me to network with pastors and elders who are interested in hearing about what we’re doing in France. We’d really like to get the chance to talk to and meet with more churches, and so this will be an important week for us to meet with any number of men face to face. I’ll confess to being a little nervous about this, as I’ve never been all that great at networking. 

Don’t lose all confidence in me, I should be fine. It’s just not a strength. 

While I’m off painting the town down in Greenville, Donnette will (with some help) be manning the kids. She’s more than capable of doing this, far more capable than I am, but it’s still taxing, especially when you’re outnumbered. *2*

So, please pray for us this coming week. Pray for our denomination, that we will be united in Christian love, pray for me that I will meet those people I need to meet, and pray for Donnette, that she will join me on Thursday with the same number of children I left her with. 

Thank you all for your prayers. 


*1* Don’t let your imagination run wild here, we are presbyterians after all. It’s far less Def Jam and much more like someone coughing during a golf tournament. 

*2* And Avonlea is more than adept at recognizing a favorable ratio. She loves, loves, to wait until I’m occupied with Oliver before she decides she really needs me for something. Kids are awesome!

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