Old friends


These are some of my oldest and best friends in the world. Most of us met in high school, but even Christian (tall guy, curly hair) has been around since 1998, so it’s safe to say we’ve been friends for awhile. We live in various places across the southeast, and I see some of them more often than others, but it is always a joy when we get together. This time especially so, since our kids are getting old enough to play together, which was (to me at least) even more fun than getting to catch up with these guys. (And their wives, I love their wives too, and for a couple of them, I’ve known their wives longer than they have!) 


I mean, really, how sweet is that!?

I’ve made other friends since then, great friends for whom I’m thankful for and wouldn’t trade if I could. But there is a certain familiarity that I have with these guys; I can’t bluff my way past them, they’ve known me for too long. 

I was going to talk this week about how the gospel isn’t about community, it’s about redemption and atonement and restoration, but how a benefit of that redemption is the wonderful community it creates, and how I see this so well reflected whenever I’m with these guys, but I’m going to save it, the above pictures say enough. 

One final picture, another one of all our kids gathered together. A final bit of joy is that the next time we get together, we’ll need a wider lens, or a bigger table, because the numbers keep growing. *1*



*1* Not from us, at least not yet. We’re good with two at the moment!

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