Notes from the home front

I don’t have any large meta-narrative this week. I blame the kids. Here’s some happenings from the Brock household though.

1. After writing over 700 words about the complicated choice of fixing or replacing our oven this week, I realized I’d written over 700 words about replacing an oven. I’m going to attempt to summarize in a way that will not make you click the back button on your computer. Basically, we had to choose between fixing our oven, expensive and not guaranteed to work, vs. buying a newer oven, which would be even more expensive but much more likely to have a positive outcome. Fortunately our landlord was able to help us diagnose the problem, and so we ordered what we hope will be the necessary part to fix what is a very missed part of our kitchen. This story is only noteworthy at all because we leave for France in a little over a year, and we need the rest of the things we own (cars, mixers, TV’s, electric blankets, etc) to hold it together until then. I suppose you could classify this as a prayer request.

2. Avonlea asked me to help her get down the other day, and when I didn’t move fast enough for her liking she repeated her request by adding, “down daddy down, abajo, abajo.” She can also count to 12 in Spanish, which is more than I can say for myself. She’s learning Spanish from the kids TV show “Dora the Explorer,” and while I don’t really have a problem with her watching this show, it really makes me wish that it was called “Claudette the Explorer” instead. This does at least go a long way to alleviating my worries about her being able to pick up French quickly though.

3. In order to get more out of my time, I’ve been reading a parallel commentary on the book of Revelation for my morning devotions. It’s helpful, as it covers four of the major views (historical, preterist, dispensational, and spiritual) that are, or have been, found in evangelical Christianity. I don’t  really expect my views to change that much, but it has been edifying to see how different Christians have come to different conclusions about the book. I can’t imagine that Revelation will be one of the first books I’ll try to teach when we get to France, but it’s still been useful to solidify my understanding of the Apocalypse, not to mention the fact that I know more than a few people who have become Christians while studying the book.

4. My mother-in-law visited this last weekend, and I now find myself a little aggravated with her. If she were terrible to me, or even better, terrible to the kids, then it would make moving to France a much easier venture. As it was, Avonlea enjoyed every second her Gigi was here, I enjoyed her company throughly, and Donnette was crying as we dropped her off at the airport. Some people can be so rude. *1*

5. We’re going to meet up with a bunch of my old friends at the end of the month. We last did this five years ago, for my friend Keith’s 30th birthday, and it was a great time to catch up, swim, fish, and stay up late telling stories from high school and college. In our minds, I think that we all are expecting to do the same thing again, only this go around, one major thing has changed. We all have kids. If I’m counting correctly, there will be 11 children on the ground, and another two on the way *2*, meaning that this trip is unlikely to look anything like the one we took five years ago. I suspect half of my time will be spent making sure my child *3* doesn’t drown in the lake behind the cabins. This isn’t a complaint, and I hope that when we leave the best part of the weekend will have been watching all of our children playing together in the cute way that only small children can do. What I do not expect this weekend to be is restful, in any sense of the word.

6. Donnette was looking at a picture she took of me recently, and this was her comment, “You look really nice in this picture…look at the size of your ears!” Which is fair, since I do have huge ears, and have had them since I was about seven. I don’t think Donnette has a problem with the ears that are on my head, so much as she is concerned *4* that they are going to find their way onto her daughter.

7. Right now, our two biggest fears are, “what if we never make it to France,” and “what if we do?” The fact that these fears can exist simultaneously only speaks to how fickle the human heart can truly be.

8. Buying mother’s day cards has become way more difficult now that we have kids. What card do I get for my mom? Should it be from me, or from the kids? Same for my grandmother, and for that matter for Donnette as well. I don’t know what the answer is, except to say that I need to get in on the greeting card racket.

I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. Thank you all again for your support!


*1* Because there’s been some misunderstanding surrounding my jokes lately, let me state, for the record, that this is a joke.

*2* Neither of which are ours. Just saying.

*3* And the other kids too.

*4* Horrified

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