Before Oliver was born, people told me that the transition from two kids to one was as dramatic, if not more so, than the transition from zero to one. At the time, I found this hard to believe, as Avonlea’s birth marked a pretty significant transition in our lives. Now that Oliver’s here though, well…

I was right, it isn’t as big a change from one to two as zero to one. When you’re a childless couple, you can live for yourself, do what you want, sleep in, stay out late, the list goes on and on. Having a kid changes everything. Oliver coming into our lives, well, at the very least i was much more comfortable putting a diaper on a squirming infant the second go around. 

I will say though that it isn’t quite like riding a bike. Having two kids makes everything exponentially more difficult, to the point where I’m ready to give up doing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary to live. I can only imagine that this matrix gets even more complicated when you factor in more children, meaning that my assistant pastor’s wife gets a gold star *1* and my pastor’s wife should be nominated for sainthood. *2* 

I say this because I’m in the middle of cooking a big meal for some people this weekend, a chore I have always loved, but with two kids has become infinitely more difficult. Oliver doesn’t seem to understand that I can’t come get him out of his swing right this second, because my hands are completely covered in pig entrails. Silly boy. 

Not a complaint, just an observation. Thanks for your prayers. 


*1* Four kids 

*2* Six kids, of course, once you reach this point, you barely have the money to even do essential things, much less anything extra

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