These next few weeks are pretty crucial for me. I’ve taken three of the six ordination exams I need to take in order to go before the committee, but two of the three that still remain are beastly, meaning I’ve been out till midnight the last few nights studying with a buddy who’s getting ready too. Despite the stress and anxiety (stress over how much there is to learn, anxiety about not doing well), this has been a really great process, and one that every minister should be asked to undertake. It’s good to get this stuff in your head; hopefully it will stay there forever.

Should the next seven days go as I’d like, by this time next Wednesday I should be done with my Bible exam. (Which is, in my opinion at least, the most daunting of all the exams.) If you’re reading this, and you’re so inclined to pray for me, please pray that I’d study well and get this exam knocked out. Pray for Donnette as well, this kid is making her tired, and I’m too busy studying to be much good to her.

I’ll try to get a longer post out sometime after this exam is done. Thank you everyone for your prayers.

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