Time with the Mitchell’s

This last weekend we spent time with Pete and Ruth Mitchell (and their daughter Mary Ellen), our team leaders in France. (Technically, Pete is the leader, but you get the drift.) Wednesday night they spoke at Sovereign Grace, letting our church family know what the work and the need is like in France. Thursday night they came over to our house for dinner, letting us get to know each other better, and taking the time to answer some of the (never-ending) questions we have about France. Friday morning we met up with them in Charlotte, and went a family’s house to spend the day at their pool, and again fellowship and discuss our plans. After dinner Friday night we bid the Mitchell’s ado, but we do hope to see them again while they’re here in the States.

It was a wonderful time of fellowship with Pete and Ruth, but more than that, it was a wonderful opportunity to have our call to France reassured. There are many times, (sometimes daily) when Donnette or I will freak out over the decision we’ve made to go. Can we leave our families behind, is this a good move for our kids, etc. After the Mitchell’s presentation Wednesday night though, Donnette and I both remembered why we’re going (to share the gospel with the lost of France) and who’s sending us (a sovereign God who will provide for our every need.) Needless to say, we were thankful for their visit.

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